Security and Surveillance

Video Surveillance:

Safety is the major task for any city for fighting against crime, Video surveillance and  Face recognition is the most impacting technology for creating Safe City because without video surveillance can’t imagine for safe city. It creates a secure environment and a helpful tool to ping criminal very fast.

Why need to Video surveillance and face recognition system????

We have the new generation CCTV surveillance with various alarms and facial recognition system that is most effective and provide the accuracy in all the negative conditions.




This system scan to Face with 3D technology, so it provide the more accuracy.



Video surveillance and Face Recognition Solution can be useful for all sectors and all places.


The all system can be access and operate by command center. It is easy and quick system and analyses to data very fast with accuracy.



  1. It is useful to find wanted persons.
  2. Provide the real time alert.
  3. Find to lost child.
  4. Peoples analyzing that help to make polices accordingly.
  5. Do not effect to video surveillance.

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