Fixed LED Display – Outdoor Series (SMD)

Fixed LED Display-Outdoor Series (SMD)

  • Higher cost performance, lower maintenance cost.
  • Strictly screening LED wave length brightness & voltage etc. to ensure the consistency of the whole screen.
  • High quality driving IC, combined with the control system which has more than 14bit processing, effecting a higher gray level.
  • Red, green & blue LED chips incorporated encapsulation, better perspective.
  • Strong adaption to environment.
  • The small chip body combined with black mask, generating a higher contrast ratio.
  • Faster to assemble or disassemble it without any tool.
  • Water & dust resistance, Protection level IP65
  • Specially designed for Highways & smart city for message and video display.
  • Available in various pixels like P10, P8, P6 & can be customized as per client’s requirement.
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