Fiber ECB

ECB Hardware Feature

ECB is an advanced vandal resistant, hands-free, digital SOS emergency telephone designed for high noise level and harsh environments. It provides a pre-programmed push button communication link for a person needing emergency assistance or information. Digital voice enhancement and advanced signal processing techniques make ideal for noisy environments.


The enclosures are vermin resistant, including vermin such as termites, ants, bees and mice. The enclosure provides resistance to solvent and chemical attack by direct application or from an industrial environment. Solvents and chemicals can be in the form of salt sprays, freeway fumes, cleaning solvents etc.


Feature List

    Metallic body, solid and temperature bearable
    Handset free, loudspeaker,
    Heavy duty Vandal resistant buttons.
    Waterproof grade aboutIP65
    Body with grounding connection protection
    Built-in loudspeaker, noise canceling microphone
    High audio output and sound quality from tamper resistant speaker
    Easily installed, no exposed cables, noon-site configuration required
    Ethernet (VoIP) connection


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