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Softstar ITS Pvt. Ltd. is a flagship company of india, one of the most emerging it company for products & services.

We are the manufacturer of LED Display Board. Softstar ITS is the first Indian company who has introduced 3D LED cinema theater screen and advance advertising LED Screen –we specialized in ITS (Intelligent Transactions System) where we handle and perform highway projects solutions under client’s different requirement like ECB, RFID, ATMS+, TOLL & ETC, SMART CITY, SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE . In Softstar we Value  and give importance to personal relations whether a client or our whole team, we are focused and have prime motive to help our clients grow than only our team and company can grow. We believe to give one of the best service experience than just only provide quality products and  we value to our commitments , what we promised we will deliver the same at time frame.

Covid-19 Products

3M Mask: 3M mask is the world’s biggest surgical/ non-surgical N95 mask manufacturer, It is approved by every country in the world.  We are 3M mask supplier and can provide material in any country. Our lead time to deliver is 7 working days till 100-300 million mask for any 3M mask model.

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Nitrile Gloves: Nitrile Gloves we are the trader for Nitrile Gloves and providing on large numbers in any country in the world. We have world’s branded gloves like Super gloves, VGloves, Top Gloves…. Etc. We can provide gloves in big quantities.

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